Rescue Outreach Mission exists to serve disadvantaged people throughout Central Florida,
by providing resources that help prevent homelessness and by helping those who are
already homeless return to self-sufficiency.

17th Annual Servants Of The People Luncheon — Presented byservants of the people, vickaryous law james vickaryous, attorney, personal injury

Come and join us on Wednesday, October 28, 2015, for our 17th Annual Servants of the People Luncheon (SOTP).

At our Servants of the People Luncheon we invite Seminole County politicians, commissioners, city mayors and community leaders, not just to attend the event but to actually serve lunch at the event to attendees!

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$23,000 through the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund

Lisa Jacobsen from the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund, a McCormick Foundation fund, stopped by to present to us our $23,000 grant check.

The 2015 grants are aimed at alleviating hunger and homelessness and bolstering youth education and child-abuse prevention and treatment programs.

orlando, sentinel, family, fund, mccormick, foundation

We received the grant for our transitional housing program for homeless women and children.

The funds come through contributions from Orlando Sentinel readers and are matched 50 cents on the dollar by the McCormick Foundation.

All administrative costs are covered by the Sentinel and the Foundation, allowing 100 percent of the donations to go directly to services for those who need help.

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A Family United

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Transitional Housing Program

Just recently, one of our moms received a call from her 9 year old daughter who had been staying with her grandma. The young girl told her mom that she was worried because grandma was rushed to the hospital and she didn’t have anyone to stay with her. We immediately drove our resident and her other kids to Daytona to pick up the child. On the ride back the child talked and chatted away about being so happy to be with her mother and siblings! She said she felt "NORMAL" to be with her brothers and sister. Her sister then stated "We are homeless, we have nowhere to stay, but the shelter ...” the child paused, "I will live outside as long as I am with ya’ll.” The family is here all together and is preparing to move into our transitional housing program next week where they will have their own home to be together.


Healing Garden

healing garden, at homeless shelter

Forgiveness and Acceptance ...

... two things that are never easy to do. We recently asked some of our female residents to write a letter to that thing that that they had not accepted, that person they had not forgiven or that situation that that they had not yet processed. We asked them to spend a week with this letter. The ladies all agreed that each time they read the letter whatever it was that had held them down for so long became a little less powerful. The next week, we had the residents burn the letters as a symbol to release those things. Each participant then planted her own ashes with their very own aloe plant, a plant known for healing. As the aloe plant takes root and grows, the ladies will have a tangible metamorphosis of the pain released and the healing that has taken place. The aloe plants are just the beginning of our Healing Garden, more is still to come!

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First Family Moved

first family moved, case, managers

into Our New House!

We are so excited to announce that we have moved our first family into our new Rescue Outreach Mission of Central Florida house! We acquired a house in our neighborhood recently, thanks to a partnership through Seminole County and the Christian Sharing Center.
Our family will be able to stay in the house while receiving guidance from case managers. We were able to capture the moments when the family moved in to the home. One of the children said “I finally get my own room!”. The day they arrived, the kids scattered and each claimed their rooms. After months of sharing just one room, the family can finally spread out but, more importantly take roots in our neighborhood, so they can continue to be a stable family no longer facing homelessness.                                    

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